Friday, September 12, 2008

Festivals and Screenings

A list of festivals and screenings can be found just below the film clip. Scroll just a little down the page, you'll find it there. Excited to announce that I will be leaving for the Bangkok Intl Film Festival very soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008


For two years, I explored one of world's most dynamic search of cultural history and the politics of divide and area where I was born but had not had the opportunity to really know.

By September of 2007, that exploration had culminated into a documentary, THE SKY BELOW. You can read more about it, as well some articles that featured the film in it's process and completion here:

Many more pictures were taken, and a book is forthcoming.
A limited edition of archival prints is available. Please visit to see what is currently available.

THE SKY BELOW festival and screening info as of Sept 2008:


ß Film South Asia (Best Debut Film)- South Asia premiere
ß Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival (nominated for Social Justice Award)-Calif premiere
ß South Asian Intl Film Festival-New York premiere
ß Big Sky Documentary Festival-Northwest premiere
ß Kara Film Festival-Pakistan premiere
ß 35th annual Athens Intl Film and Video Festival-Midwest premiere
ß Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles-LA premiere
ß Thessaloniki Intl Film Festival-European premiere
ß Madurai Intl Film Festival
ß Vibgyor Intl Film Festival
ß Bangkok Intl Film Festival-Southeast Asia premiere
ß Spinning Wheel Film Festival New York
ß Enzian South Asia Film Festival of Florida
ß IAWRT (Intl Association of Women in Radio and Television) Festival
ß Open Frame PSBT Festival
ß Bombay Mix Festival
ß 3rd i Film Festival-San Francisco (upcoming)
ß Spinning Wheel Film Festival LA (upcoming)
ß Sufi Film Festival, Pakistan (upcoming)
ß Atlanta-Indo Film Festival (upcoming)
ß Singapore (upcoming)

Other Screenings:

ß Asia Society-India
ß Chandigarh Govt Museum, India
ß Shrishti Art School, India
ß Punjab University, India
ß India International Center-India
ß Indian Academy of Fine Arts, India
ß Chitrakoot Gallery, India
ß Meta Movie Club, India
ß Vikalp Films For Freedom, India
ß New York Studio Program/Parsons, New York
ß Adelphi University, New York (upcoming)
ß Asia Institute/Univ of Melbourne, Australia (upcoming)
ß India Cultural Center-California
ß Adelphi University-New York